VEGAN "Terry's" Chocolate Orange Energy Bites

chocolate orange energy bites.JPG

Get excited for these Dupe TERRY’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE Energy Balls!! (Sorry for the caps but really, it’s kinda justified here 🙃😄) These are super tasty, fudgy annnd raw vegan with MCT oil, maca and cacao. I was recipe testing these until I got the perf combo and I’m ready to share with you! Even if you don’t like that chocolatey-orange flavour (um, not sure we can be friends 😆) you can just leave one ingredient out and you still have a truffle-like energy ball


 Forget Terry’s version (#boybye ✌🏻😆) and create your own healthy and delish combo that legit tastes like the real thing!! I recently received a new product from Sea-Licious called Active Omega-3 + MCT Oil in the Orange Vanilla flavour (scroll down to see the product) and had a little trouble coming up with a recipe - has anyone else tried/heard of this?! I tested out some smoothie recipes and wasn’t a fan, it kinda left a weird aftertaste and just didn’t do it for me. BUT thankfully, I decided to test out some chocolate-orange recipes, and here is the final result that I’m excited to share! 😋

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