EPIC Cashew Cookie Skillet


Drool-ability: Hard 10. Do yourself a favour and make this I-have-no-words-how-good-this-is giant cookie TONIGHT! 

I’m pretty sure @rachaelsgoodeats created a cookie movement with her super popular Cookie Skillet recipe! I had to try it out for myself and man is it delish! It legit tastes better than an actual cookie and has.. wait for it:
zero refined sugar, gluten, dairy and grain FREE!  

You’re only 30 mins away from enjoying this beauty! 


I’ve partnered with @vistamagcanada, who sent me this coconut oil by @alphahealthproducts and I couldn’t be happier with its creamy texture and quality. It has earned multiple organic certifications and delivers the purest, highest quality raw coconut oil. Real talk tho: I honestly can’t differentiate this coconut oil based on taste alone, but it’s the quality of the product that keeps me interested in using it in future recipes. I only post products that I love and actually use and I’ll def use this brand again!!

Hollie NashComment