No Bake Mars Bars

Close up mars bar.JPG

Elon Musk approved MARS BARS. Ok, not really... but we can pretend right? These are SOOO delish you guys! And I rarely use caps lock. 

My favourite part? Just one of these squares legit satisfies my sweet tooth craving. Usually when I bake healthy alternatives like bliss balls, etc I eat one and I'm like.. k I could def have at least 2 more. Not today my friends! It's because these mars bars are jam packed with healthy fats from coconut oil, almonds, cashews, almond butter and hemp seeds. Trynna come up with a word to describe them but I can only think of decedent and creamy and amazing :D.

Oh yeah - they're gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free (depending on the chocolate you use).  Keep in mind though - these are healthy BUT portions def matter as there is a lot of dense ingredients that are full of healthy fats. So this is a treat. But like I said, one will do the trick here! 

I'll also note that I used 1/2 cup melted coconut oil, but I think next time I'm gonna use about 1/3 cup to make them a little lighter. BTW, you can use any nut butter, but I've recently been cheating on my first love of PB when I discovered almond butter *love at first bite.* Oh and don't forget about the sea salt at the end. it reallyyyy adds to the flavour. Let me know if you made these and if you made any modifications to the recipe! ENJOY (caps lock number 4 #record). 


No Bake Mars Bars