Almond Butter Cup Donuts

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As I was buying my first donut pan today at Kitchen Aid Plus, I was legit soooo excited to use it because of all the inspiring beauty pictures from other wellness blogs and insta accounts. Even though I thought my first attempt would turn out to be a classic #PinterestFail, thankfully, I was wrong! These are so quick and easy to make you can't mess it up.  

I love baking and cooking at home because you know exactly which ingredients are going into your food. Donuts at coffee shops are great every now and then... but as you know, they are deep-fried and filled with excessive carbs, sugar and blah blah blah [enter unhealthy ingredient here]. BUT now that you're about to make your own - you can be proud of your guilt-free creation! 

Supplies and Ingredients

  • I got the 6 mold donut pan at Kitchen Aid Plus, but I've seen them at Michael's as well (except $5 more). There's also a mini 12 mold pan available which would be super cute to make lil mini donuts.  
  • Almond butter - you're free to sub another nut butter, just be sure it's the natural kind with no additives or preservatives. As for the drizzle, you can use your preferred nut butter + coconut oil as the recipe suggests OR the Birthday Cake Protein Almond Spread by Buff Bake if you have access to it. I actually bought a sample pack of it today at Noah's (health food store in Toronto) and it's daaamn tasty. However It is a little on the sweet side, so it's perfect in small amounts. 
  • Chocolate Chips - I used chunks from my new fave chocolate bar by Giddy Yoyo that's made with 100% cacao and pure mint extract. My go-to is usually 90% cacao, as the full blown one hundo variety is a little too much for me as I've found getting used to the bitterness that comes along with 70%+ dark chocolate can be a process. In this case though, the peppermint extract really helps with the overall taste PLUS it has ZERO refined sugar. Tip: each time you incorporate chocolate into recipe, try and go a little darker each time so that your palette will get used to it. There are other dairy free chocolate chips options available, here

Prep and Instructions
Since there's less than 10 ingredients(!!) in these delish donuts, they're are pretty quick and easy to whip up. But here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

  • The dough will expand when heated so just fill the mold about 3/4 full and smooth out with a spoon. 
  • Once baked, the hot donuts can be pretty delicate so PLEASE let them cool before taking them out of the pan! I know. They look delish. I know. But ya gotta wait - trust me on this one :)  
  • And to drizzle the nut butter on top, I like to melt it for about 30 seconds (do not microwave the Buff Bake Protein Butter if you're using it in this recipe) and then use the tip of the spoon, going back and forth, creating lines.

I ran out of almond butter here, that's why only two have drizzle on top, but you can def get creative! Walnut pieces, sprinkles, chia or hemp seeds, shredded or flaked coconut works! 

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