Gluten & Dairy Free Fudge Cookies


Lesson learned as I was prepping for this post: a cacao powder & avocado mixture is not the prettiest to photograph. But that's ok! They're beautiful on the inside :)

These cookies are super fudgey, full of healthy fats from the avo, protein from hemp hearts and are a gluten, dairy & guilt-free snack. They're also super quick and easy to make and only have nine ingredients!

I used cacao from Prana Organic as it's raw, GMO free, gluten free, vegan and only 10 cals per tablespoon with 0g sugar! I like this brand because it's obtained by pressing the cacao liquor out of sun-dried cacao beans to extract cacao butter. This leaves a kind of "cacao cake" that is then ground into a fine raw cacao powder. This raw powder has been processed at a low temperature, allowing it to retain all the vitamins and minerals of the cacao bean but without the fat. A proven heart-healthy food, it helps reduce blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, lower the risk of blood clots and with blood vessel elasticity.

Hemp hearts are filled with plant-based protein and contain omega 3 and omega 6 and they are ready to eat as is. You can add these to yogurt, cereal, salads, smoothies, fudge cookies - anything! 

I added some cashew butter (latest obsession) after they cooled off and it really added to the flavour - you can be creative here! 

dairyfree gluten free cookies.PNG