Chocolate SEA SALT Protein Smoothie


Chocolate SEA SALT Protein Smoothie!! This could be the tastiest smoothie I’ve made so far - If you like that caramel + sea salt combo, you’ll loveee this! 

I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients lately and discovered: pink sea salt + coconut sugar = SALTED CARAMEL goodness *makes Homer sound.* Is this combo common knowledge?! It’s legit the first time I’ve tried combining them but soo happy it’s in my smoothie lyfe now. As usual tho, I’m sticking to my fave base ingredients, frozen zucchini+cauliflower because it adds so much nutrition benefits and I can’t even taste it! 

Huge thank you to @vistamagcanada for hooking me up with yet another amazing brand called VegiDay, a raw organic plant-based protein. It’s a 100% vegan chocolate protein powder featuring pea, rice, pumpkin, chia, quinoa, spirulina, and chlorella #allthehealthythings. Packed with phytonutrients, this non-GMO, soy- and gluten-free formula provides 20 g of protein per serving.

Try out this salty, caramel-ly, dream of a smoothie and lemme know what you think!

Chocolate SEA SALT Protein Smoothie 



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