Fruit Free Mint Chip Smoothie


This is seriously the BEST smoothie I've everrr made.
Yes, there's zucchini. Yes, there's cauliflower. But I promise you, it tastes delicious! Have an open mind and try it out - the cacao, peppermint and protein really adds to the deliciousness and balances out overall taste. Cacao is a great alternative to cocoa! In one table spoon there's just 10 cals, 0g sugar(!!), 3g carbs (of which - 2g fibre), 1g fat, 1g protein and also 4% of recommended daily amount of iron.  

Time saver tip: meal prep by measuring out a couple servings of veggies beforehand, place in ziplock bags and then freeze, easy! 

I found a version of this online and made a few tweaks based on personal preference - you can def do the same. FYI if you want a thicker consistency go with 1 cup of almond milk instead of 2. This is SO good as is, buuut if you want to build up to the veggie recipe, you can use 1/2 frozen banana instead. 

I'm so excited to find out what you think of this one, please leave a comment below if you've tried it already!


Fruit Free Mint Chip Smoothie