Dragon Fruit Smoothie


It's true, winter is coming... but smoothies are always in season for me! I really do love cooking buuut on occasion, I'm also low-key lazy and/or rushing out the door, praying that I didn't miss the 8:05am streetcar to work. Behold, the smoothie. 

So many combination possibilities, so little time. This particular recipe calls for a frozen Pitaya Plus Dragon Fruit Smoothie Pack, which I realize, can be kinda hard to track down. You can also swap it out for an Acai smoothie pack that may be easier to find in supermarkets or health food stores. 

If you've never tried dragon fruit before, I would describe it as refreshing with the consistency of a kiwi.  Part of the cactus family, dragon fruit comes from tropical and subtropical regions in South America & Southeast Asia and is packed with vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3 and minerals iron, calcium and phosphorus. Although not needed for this particular recipe, check out this video of how to prepare and eat it like you're a regular Gordan Ramsay! 

The Mother Of Dragon Fruit Smoothies