29 Random Things About Me

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Ah, October. Colour changes, crisp fresh air, cozy scarves and obvi…a Hocus Pocus meme on every corner of social media. This October I enter into my final year of my 20’s.

So, in honour of my 29th trip around the sun, here are 29 random things about me!

1. I love trying and learning new things. I want to know everything! I fully believe in investing in yourself as much as possible, placing yourself in situations where you can learn and just be on a continuous quest for growth.

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2. I’ve become super passionate about marine conservation efforts in recent years.

3. I love scuba diving and recently discovered freediving. Surrounding myself with marine life gives ME life.

4. I have one younger brother, Zack. He can always make me laugh and has one of the kindest hearts ever

5. I LOVE dogs - we don’t deserve them, they are too amazing for this world. I have a very special place in my heart for French Bulldogs. I’m OBSESSED.

6. I’ve lived in three different provinces in Canada and Toronto is my favourite city so far. Although, I’m not opposed to living elsewhere as I’m not sure I’ve found my “forever” city to call home juuust yet.

7. I joined the Navy Reserves when I was 17. Completed boot camp that summer where it was 1000 push ups a day, sergeants yelling insults in your face (FUN), 13km ruck sack marches, LOL all of that to say I met some amazing people from all different backgrounds and I think it created somewhat of a thick skin.

8. My life is a series of random decisions and events due to fleeting passions (see above) aka I’m a true victim of “shiny object syndrome”

9. I’ve been swimming with whale sharks in Mexico while on a solo trip in 2017. I now have a list of shark species that I want to dive with eventually (bull, thresher, hammerhead, oceanic black tip, nurse to name a few)

10. I love latin culture! It’s so warm, inviting and fun. I LOVE most latin music genres (reggateton, salsa, bachata, flamenco, Brazilian funk, mpb). I also think Brazilian Portuguese is the most beautiful accent/language

11. Maroon 5’s Sugar music video makes me tear up every.damn.time. 🤷🏼‍♀️

12. Jim and Pam’s wedding episode on The Office (during Chris Brown’s Forever, specifically) also makes me tear up every.damn.time.

13. I love traveling and want to check out so many other places but my top 5 right now are: Australia, Maldives, Thailand, Colombia and Brazil

14. I’ve been to 16 countries, one solo trip. Favourite country so far would have to be a tie between Spain and Mexico.

15. I once forgot my passport in a hostel in Austria and only realized it when I arrived in Germany #effword

16. I listen to music very loudly all the time and have a playlist for everything - driving, cooking, cleaning, exercising, Sunday chill, you name it! When I’m writing blog posts or doing something that involves concentration, I love listening to instrumental music and currently loving Robert Mendoza’s violin covers. EDM/upbeat tempo when I’m doing cardio and usually hip hop when I’m strength training.

17. I could probably recite The Office in its entirety and I’m not even sorry about it

18. My pet peeve: disrespectful, entitled and/or arrogant people

19. Favourite movie right now is still Django Unchained

20. I love summer and 30 degree weather, if I never saw snow again in my life I would not be sad about it.

21. I went bobsledding with an olympic champion once in Austria

22. I got robbed by a gypsy in Paris

23. I love adventure sports (even if I suck at that sport i.e-surfing, skiing 🤣), adventure travel and exploring new places. Although I def relax during a vacation and think it’s important, it’s very hard for me to do so because I want to do as many activities/see as many things as possible. 1-2 hrs a day lounging is enough for me!

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24. All-time top five favourite tv shows: Breaking Bad, Mind Hunter, The Office, Game of Thrones, Fargo

25. I love dark chocolate and almond butter - name a better combo… I’ll wait

26. I love being surrounded by different cultures and languages

27. I really, really wish I could sing. Disappointment abounds lol

28. I love creating things - making tangible things with my hands or making them digitally… just thinking about and executing design concepts in general

29. And of course - I LOVE living a healthy life by learning all that I can about nutrition, cooking/baking with healthy alternatives and taking new fitness classes (currently obsessed with kickboxing and mobility training!)

If you’ve made it this far - wow, thank you! Attention span on point.

So I wanna hear from you now: what’s one thing that most people don’t know about YOU? Leave me a comment!