I Like Big… Cities and I Cannot Lie

I wanted to write this post because a lot of friends, family members and new people I meet ask me why I moved to Toronto and if I like it here. So why do I love big cities so much that I’ll even work in a Sir Mix A Lot reference (your welcome) into the title? …

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals and Living Your #BestLife!

Just like last January and the one before that, this year’s current trending topic: GOAL digging 👩🏼‍💻
#NewYearNewMe and #NewYearWhoDis hashtags are breaking the internet, gym membership sales are sky rocketing and produce isles in your grocery store are looking a little emptier; pretty typical January scene, right?

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Turning 29: Lessons Learned From My Twenties

…It has become a time to set yearly and future goals (professional, emotional, financial, physical) for myself. Becoming another year older always puts things in perspective and motivates me to be better a version of myself when it rolls around again next year. 

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