Overnight KETO N'oatmeal

N'oat meal.JPG

I’m really diggin this Keto friendly overnight N’OATMEAL lately😍😍😍 It’s dairy-free, grain and gluten free and refined sugar free and tastes so good!

If there’s one thing I reallyyy miss while eating low-carb, high fat ...it’s oatmeal. And this really hits the spot. But yeah other than that, I haven’t been craving grains or breads at all, which is sooo weird...But I’m def not complaining about that. Let’s see how long that lasts 😂

I got this recipe from @healthfulpursuit(amazing keto-focused account) but tweaked it just a little. It called for 2 tsps of erythritol or monk fruit sweetener, but I decided not to use it because I think the vanilla added enough sweetness for me. 


Overnight N'oatmeal