Chia and Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

mixed berries.jpg

I love adding frozen raspberries to my oatmeal or greek yogurt to add a bit of flavour, but they're always a great addition to the classic smoothie bowl as well.  

Besides flavour, what makes raspberries so great? It starts with the phytochemicals, which provide useful phytonutrients that can even help increase metabolism. Secondly, Raspberries are very low on the glycemic index ranking as a 3 in glycemic load. Low-glycemic foods, such as raspberries, have little impact on blood sugar, ultimately helping stabilize it. Overall, it makes this low-sugar and high-fiber food option a great choice to include in any diabetic diet plan.* 
*Note: this applies to raspberries only, not this recipe as a whole. 

Ok, now that you're all educated on the nutritious power of raspberries - try out this smoothie bowl! #BoneAppleTea

Mixed Berry Chia Bowl