PALEO Coconut Almond Butter Pancakes

Paleo Pancakes.JPG

..Not sure there is a better word combo than that! 😋🥥 These are paleo, grain and gluten-free PLUS there’s 12g of protein and less than 5g of sugar per serving!! Recipe serves 2, approx 3 pancakes each. But let’s talk about that homemade blackberry syrup tho!! In. Love. You can be creative here though, if you wanna use blueberries or raspberries do it up! 

Tip: coconut flour is hard to substitute as it absorbs moisture a lot more than other types of flours. So if you want to use another flour, it won't work in this recipe! It also has a high burning point, so keep a close eye. When bubbles form and the edges look done/crispy THEN flip. Smaller pancakes are a lot easier to flip as well, so I recommend fry up about 3 tablespoons for each pancake.


Paleo Coconut Almond Butter Pancakes