Simple Avo & Egg Toast


A couple of months ago, the internet exploded with angry 20-somethings after a comment about avocado toast was made by an Australian millionaire chatting it up on "60 Seconds." He stated something to the effect of: millennials can't afford to buy houses because of avocado toast (fun fact: the average price of a house in metro Toronto is currently $916,000). Brb, gonna quit my job and start selling avocados. Whether that was a major hyperbole or not, can't this dude appreciate the sweet taste of smashed avo on sprouted grain toast? I wonder how much he'd hate me if I add a crispy fried egg on there too?!

 I like my fried eggs best when they're a crispy on the ends with a little pepper, paprika or hot sauce added for extra flavour. I usually add some lime juice, pepper and a pinch of chipotle seasoning in with the avocado and then use it as a spread for my toast = yummmm. Here's another recipe with a few different ingredients, but still tastes great! 

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