Almond Butter Banana Toast

almondbutter banana toast.jpg

For the past week, I've been going to boot camp and strength training classes offered at Fit Factory Fitness here in Toronto. Ya know that whole phoenix dying and then rising from the ashes thing - prrretty sure that's me after every class. I've never done a more intense workout in my life, (and I've gone through actual military boot camp #RandomLifeChoices #FunFact) my whole body has been in a perpetual state of soreness for a week now. No joke It hurts to laugh (and I laugh a lot) plus, I have to mentally prepare to face stairs at the subway, or anywhere for that matter. Am I being dramatic? Probably. Am I complaining? Absolutely not!! It huuuurts so good. I actually love this feeling because it means that the workout is actually working and I can slowly (read: very slowly) feel myself getting stronger after every class. I do workout on my own, but damnnn - I do not push myself nearly as hard as I do during these classes. 

Anyway, that was a preface to this: my pre-workout breakfast.  Given the intensity, I knew I needed carbs (both simple: banana; and complex: sprouted grains) to have enough energy to power through that workout. I also have some healthy fats and a little protein in the almond butter *drool emoji* and hemp hearts. I have a post workout protein smoothie that I made recently that I'll share soon! You can search "post workout green protein smoothie" to get the deets on that! Enjoy! 

hemphearts almond butter banana.jpg