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You Should Probably Stop Wasting Money on This…

But when it comes down to it, quick fixes = a Band-Aid solution. Actually, I shouldn’t even call it a “Band-Aid” solution because it’s more like the generic, no name brand “adhesive strip” solution 😆.
That’s not what you want, is it?

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Think you have a blood sugar problem? Here are 8 signs that you should look for

…this is part of the reason why ONE out of TWO of us now has blood sugar issues including pre-diabetes or type II diabetes. Yup, 50% of us struggle with keeping our blood sugar levels stable. These issues are due to one thing: insulin resistance.

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Craving Sugar? Here's My FREE Meal Plan

I don’t think that deprivation should be a thing! Cause listen, there’s no way I’m giving up chocolate, it’s simply not an option for me. What is life if there is no chocolate? LOL dramatic much? I think not.

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