You Should Probably Stop Wasting Money on This…

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Forget the tea, sustainability is key

I think we’ve all been there: a special occasion is coming up or summer is just around the corner and we want to maybe lose that “last 5-10 lbs” to feel better in our clothes… like, yesterday. Not in a couple months, we want it to happen now. And so, we enter into the vicious vortex of “quick fixes.”

But when it comes down to it, quick fixes = a Band-Aid solution. Actually, I shouldn’t even call it a “Band-Aid” solution because it’s more like the generic, no name brand “adhesive strip” solution 😆.
That’s not what you want, is it?

You know what I’m talking about here… diet pills, powders, fit/skinny teas (don’t get me started on those), prepackaged shakes, or some magic weight-loss berry cultivated by aboriginals in the Amazon rain forest, chemically reduced down to a powder for you to buy at the low, low price of $39.99… please. The harsh reality is that these things will do nothing but drain your bank account. Unfortunately, we’ve all (more than likely) been a victim of these instant gratification-oriented products at one time or another.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that the same is true for almost all detoxes and cleanses out there. The celery juice craze, green juice diet and all of those seemingly healthy plans that claim to “reset” your system with a liquid diet. In reality your body and liver does a perfectly good job in detoxing on its own.

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“Is it sustainable? Is it addressing the root cause?”

Now, some specific health situations call for temporary cleanses like these, but I’m talking about quick weight-loss oriented goals only. Are green smoothies and celery juice healthy? Yes, of course they are… but they’re not magic and shouldn’t be in the place of food for long periods of time (perhaps a topic for another blog post!).

Yes, these products may actually give you a quick fix in the way of weight loss, but will it last long-term and is it sustainable? Is it addressing the ROOT CAUSE? Ab-so-lutely not. And I know you guys know the difference, but I just want to drive home the fact that sustainability is key for long-term results and your sanity, for that matter. Who the eff wants to live off of chalky protein shakes or a liquid diet forever? Ahhh… thank u, next!

Also, let’s talk about “results” for a hot minute. End results do not necessarily have to revolve around drastic “bikini-ready” weight-loss, but rather how you feel physically and mentally instead. This shift in mindset is so critical for body positivity and your relationship with food and overall wellness.

When considering making any change in your diet definitely consult a doctor or health practitioner, but please also ask yourself these questions before you do it and while you’re doing it. “Can I keep it up long-term?” “Can I do this forever?” (Ok, ok I’ll try and stop with the rhetorical questions…but seriously).

RIPPING THE BAND AID (This might hurt a little)

Why does [enter product name here] stop working? Because it was a lousy no name “adhesive strip” that was moonlighting as your health savior. When really, 9 times out of 10, it’s just an expertly marketed packaged product that serves no value to you, your health or your wallet.

We don’t want the band-aid/no name adhesive strip solution. What do we want? We want real results! When do we want them? Now!

…Ohhh, well this is awkward ‘cause #RealTalk: real sustainable results are gonna take a little longer than that my friends. And once you reach your goal (what ever that looks like for you) you will need a maintenance plan in place and that’s is why you need to think about the long-game.

If a company’s product is promising you quick, easy results - like “lose 30lbs in 30 days”, “quickly shed belly fat in under 30 minutes a day by doing X”, etc etc - they more than likely do not have your best interests at heart. These headlines are attention-getting, sexy and super salable and could basically appeal to anyone - ‘cause who doesn’t want abs with 30 mins of work a day?


“…What about their responsibility towards their claims and the actual health of their customers? Is that worth nothing?”

But these phony, BS “health” or “rapid fat-loss” companies lack integrity and honestly when it comes to what they’re selling and are only concerned about their fiduciary responsibility they have when the quarterly sales numbers are due. #BoomRoasted 💁🏼 …What about their responsibility towards their claims and the actual health of their customers? Is that worth nothing? I 👏🏻 demand 👏🏻 answers.

But guys: please don’t get it twisted and think I hate marketing and ALL marketing agencies are the devil lol.. ‘cause that’s not the case. My goal here is to help you realize and spot or at least be skeptical of health claims, guaranteed quick-results or marketing copy found on products today. AND don’t be afraid to call them out on their bullsh*t.

These products/companies get you excited, ready to change and transform your health because they promise you the world and deliver nada at the end of the day. Sure, there are some changes - even drastic weight loss changes that will likely occur during the first month or so. This is around the time when you get so excited that something is actually, FINALLY working for you…uuuuntil it doesn’t (you knew that was coming right?).

K, that was a slow-rip of the band-aid, but everyone say it with me now: forget the tea…sustainability is key.


So if quick-fixes aren’t the answer and sustainability is… what does that look like or even mean? We may as well stick (haha) to the band-aid metaphor (analogy? whatever..) here to explain why addressing the ROOT CAUSE to a problem is vital to effectively heal the wound and fix the underlying problem.

So, let’s say Timmy is riding his bicycle down this dirt road covered with rocks and um, dirt and stuff. He’s loving life, cruising along and since he’s 9 years old and feels the need to amp up his adrenaline, he pedals faster and faster, hits a rock and falls off of his bike. His mom notices a deep cut on his knee that will definitely need medical attention.

His mother isn’t just gonna throw a band-aid on his knee and call it day. While a large band-aid may keep bacteria out of the wound for the time being and solve the issue for a very short period of time, what they really need to do is go to the hospital, get it examined and get stitches to allow it to heal properly. Otherwise, additional health issues are bound to occur.

Keeping that very literal meaning of “band-aid solution” in mind, the same can be said for a lot of health issues. If you do not address the root cause of your specific health problem, you’re only masking the issue allowing it to surface later in a probable worse condition. Another example is taking Advil for recurring back pain. Sure it relieves the pain short-term, but addressing your inflamed rhomboid muscle with a physiotherapist or chiropractor and doing the required stretches, etc will yield better results long-term.

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“you’re only masking the issue allowing it to surface later in a probable worse condition.”

What I’m trying to say is: look for the possible root causes of your health problem. In the case of weight-loss and the inability to lose it and keep it off - there could be deeper issues at work, internally. You could have a hormone issue (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS), genetic predisposition to weight-gain, psychological triggers related to food (stress eating, eating disorders) among many others.

Taking the time to really sit and analyze what’s going on is super important to finding the underlying issue that may be lurking in your body. This is where a visit to a health practitioner comes in handy. If you’ve tried so many things out there, but nothing is working then you may have to deal with internal workings that you may not even be aware of.

This may require food intolerance tests, elimination diets or hiring a professional coach that you trust to review your options. Sometimes you need to seek professional help from an expert so that your issue won’t leave you guessing and googling solutions for months or even years.

Also - if you see a doctor or health professional who don’t believe your symptoms and just tell you it’s a “will power” issue - thank u, next (I’ve said that 3 times during this post #sorrynotsorry). Do some research and see who’s available to help you - be it a naturopath, holistic nutritionist, dietitian, whatever - someone who’s values and overall vibe aligns with your personality and needs.


These diet and weight loss products are almost always marketed as a quick, easy way to yield drastic results. By now you know that these companies hire marketing teams who are very good at what they do. And they’re primarily motivated by one thing: financial gain. They want your money and don’t give an eff about your overall health.

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it may be easy in theory but in practice it isn’t that black and white

Restrictive diets do not work for most people because most people can’t stick to them long-term. Yet, people see that as a personal failure partly because of the way diets are marketed: drastic weight loss that’s easy and achievable. We are socially conditioned to believe that fitness and health is easy and attainable in a short period of time. IE: drink this tea, get a flat tummy.

But is it actually easy? I mean, maybe it’s an easy concept or easy in theory… but in practice it’s not always that black and white.

Depending on where you are in your health journey, typically your goals are not going to be achieved in 30,60, 90 days. Unfortunately, this sets up you for failure as you begin to wonder why you’re not seeing those promised drastic results after ~1 month. You may begin to think.. “oh I’m just not able to lose weight, they make it seem so easy but why can’t I achieve the same results?”

I’m glad that there seems to be a paradigm shift in people’s expectations and goals in terms of the health and fitness industry lately. The quick-fixes are still prevalent today, but the focus has shifted to a more strong, long-term healthy conscious attitudes expressed by health professionals. And as long as people exploit these BS products, I think it’ll make for some amazing positive mindset changes.

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“…the biggest reason that diets fail people is because they focus solely on the weight loss component”

Why Diets Fail, Explain This, Netfix Series


I watched an episode of Explain This on Netflix called, Why Diets Fail and this quote stuck with me: “I think the biggest reason that diets fail people is because they focus solely on the weight-loss component.” So incredibly true. Weight loss is something that will happen naturally as you become healthier and make the conscious decision to consume healthy foods that you love and can stick to. Try and get motivated about being HEALTHY, STRONG AND ENERGIZED - and the wight loss WILL come (if that’s what you’re ultimately striving for of course).

Our human physiology is set up to make sure we maintain our weight and doesn’t like being fought. There is no one magic diet that helps everybody lose wight. Embrace and accept the fact that healthy and sustainable weight loss takes time, patience, consistency, testing what works for you, hard work, developing a good relationship with food, etc. I promise once you start to feel healthy, you won’t want to feel any other way!

As a final note: I’m 100% not shaming anyone for taking part in or buying these products. We’re all human, we all want quick results. I’m just giving my opinion (albeit, passionate opinion) about them and would love for you to make the shift from a instant gratification mindset to a sustainability mindset. And that switch in and of itself does not happen overnight, but that initial mindset switch will put the ball in motion.

I’m curious to know your opinion on all of this! Leave a comment below if you agree/disagree or if you have a personal experience with any similar products, I’d love to know!

Stay tuned for future blog posts discussing these topics in greater depth:
-Social conditioning
-Marketing tactics you should watch out for/green washing