My Top 5 Wellness Podcasts

Podcasts saved my life. Well, at least for a couple a hours on my recent flight from St. John's to Toronto. If you've ever flown with Porter you know that the free wine outweighs the fact that you're usually on the milk run (aka multiple 30-min layovers to refuel) and there are no tvs. I'm not a mathematician or anything but I'm pretty sure free wine + awesome podcasts = happy Hollie :D

So I'd like to publicly apologize to the man sitting next to me as I listened and laughed out loud a couple of times and prob looked a little cray #dontmindme. These podcasts are witty and super informative - check them out aaand lemme know if you have some other suggestions for me to check out! Off topic, but I also love true crime, personal development, psychology, travel and comedy related podcasts - always open to suggestions!

of my fave health podcasts.jpg