Product Review: Brain Octane MCT Oil

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I think we’ve been relatively misguided (is brainwashed too strong a word?) when it comes to facts about fat. We’ve been tricked into thinking that eating food low in dietary fat is synonymous with eating healthy and maintaining a healthy body weight. In truth, there lies very little evidence to support the contention that a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat actually reduces death from heart disease or in any way increases one’s lifespan.This article provides all the information you need to know about the different kinds of fat and the health benefits & risks associated with them. It completely spoke to me and definitely hit the nail on the head with regards to politically correct science. Also, if you haven't already checked out The Magic Pill on Netflix... do it. Tonight. Ok? :)

Since I didn’t always understand the importance of fat quality, I’ve always tried to avoid excess dietary fat growing up. But recently, I've been focusing on reducing my overall sugar intake and started introducing more healthy fats (avocado, MCT oil, Brazil nuts, avocado oil, salmon, etc.) into my diet and noticed suuuch a difference. I felt amazing– more energy, less cravings, increased fitness gains, less bloat, it’s truly been polar opposite to issues I’ve experienced in the past years. 

MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid providing numerous health benefits to the body. Coconut oil is a rich source, comprising up to 65% of MCTs. MCTs are metabolized differently than long-chain fatty acids and go straight to the liver for rapid absorption– used for immediate energy or turned into ketones to be used as an alternate fuel source for the brain. This way, they’re less likely to be stored as fat and instead stored as energy or fuel. MCT oil is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides. 

Health benefits of MCT oil include:

  • Increased satiety, or feelings of being full
  • Helps improve energy levels
  • Supportive of gut environment
  • Increased weight loss
  • Contains antioxidant properties

You can find different brands of MCT oil, but I’ve been using Brain Octane by Bulletproof. Used as a staple in a lot of keto diets and recipes, this oil is a clear, somewhat thick but tasteless oil that can be incorporated into several different recipes. I like to use one tablespoon in my shakes, blended coffee and matcha lattes (click HERE for my bulletproof coffee recipe). Be mindful though as the fat content is high, so it would be best to balance that out with a lower carb/moderate protein recipe.  

Have a look at the below infographic from and please - if you've tried this before I'd love to hear what you think!