The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Sweeteners

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Refined sugar is like that guy you know you shouldn't date, but you do anyway because it just feels good in that moment. Think about the long-term effects here people! Opt for some of these healthier options instead and never settle for something unnatural and/or fake :)

So here you go, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Sweeteners and not-so-healthy sweeteners. These infographics are taken from (my go-to website for all things health, seriously LOVE his site - totally recommend checking it out). This is just an introduction for other sugar-related posts to come in the future as limiting your sugar intake (even from natural sources) is so important. I'll definitely be writing a series of posts about this topic; my 7-day sugar detox experience, why sugar is more addictive than cocaine, refined sugar free baked goods annd more! 

Go ahead and experiment with these healthy sweeteners! 

NaturalSweetenersDR AXE.jpg

My KETO friendly sweetener of choice is Monk Fruit. There are several others to use while following a keto diet, but this is the option recommended by Dr.Axe. Here are some of the benefits of monk fruit:


The good, the bad and the downright ugly of sweeteners are as follows. These are the 5 worst artificial sweeteners you should avoid at all costs.. they may be zero calorie but they are doing MUCH more harm than good!