FREE DOWNLOAD: No Equipment At Home Cardio + Treadmill Sprints Circuit

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I love having the option to stay home and still get a great workout in because sometimes going to the gym is just not feasible on those busy days. You can absolutely get a good sweat sesh in at the comfort of your home …as long as you push yourself!

There are many more distractions at home and it’s a liiittle easier to fall off track when you feel tired. I know I would tend to take more breaks than necessary without even realizing it sometimes because 30 seconds of rest and 60 seconds of rest seem pretty similar when you’re not paying attention. To combat this, I use the free workout timer app called TABATA and totally recommend you do the same! You can set it up according to your circuit times and it counts down for you so you can set it and forget it! So download the app, make a killer playlist, keep yourself accountable and let’s do disss.

Today I’m giving you two cardio workouts; one that can be done at home with no equipment and the other can be done on either a treadmill or outdoors (weather dependent). Ok, let’s get right down to it!

Below you’ll see both circuit-based workouts and both have the same directions. So, each circuit has three exercises. Perform all three exercises in each circuit, rest for 30 seconds then do that same circuit once more before you go to the next circuit.

It will look like this:
Do all three exercises in circuit one - rest 30 seconds - do all three exercises in circuit one - rest 30 seconds
Do all three exercises in circuit two - rest 30 seconds - do all three exercises in circuit two - rest 30 seconds
And so on for circuit 3, 4 and 5.

Remember to do a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down - this is super important! If you prime your body correctly and do activation exercises to “wake up” your muscles - your workout will be so much more effective, not to mention a great cool down regimen improves flexibility and decreases risk of injury. Don’t skip this, promise? :)

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Treadmill Sprints.png

You can download both workouts to your phone so it will be easier for you to access. Just click the button below and get your download immediately! These are printable PDF’s that you can either print off or keep them in your email, phone, google drive etc for future access.