5 Tips To Stay Motivated While Working Out At Home


I'll preface this post with: I absolutely LOVE group fitness classes. They're a great way to up your workout game, gain a sense of community, learn proper form and push much harder outside your comfort zone. But... the one downfall is that they can be quite pricy, esp here in the downtown Toronto area. #wompwomp

If you're like me and use ClassPass, you know that the number of classes you can attend weekly or monthly is limited (depending on the plan you have). So, how can you still work out consistently and keep those results you've worked so hard for?  Enter the home gym. Even if you don't have a lot of space at home, chances are you can make it work by rearranging some furniture, decluttering etc. But if your home really isn't a possibility, try your local park or a space outdoors since summer has finally graced us with its warm, warm presence.

Here are some tips I've complied for you to have the best at-home workout on those days that you don't feel like going to the gym, or ran out of ClassPass points!


Choose Your Space
First things first: find a space you can dedicate to your workouts. Your home gym is a space you can call your own! If you have the option to convert that spare room into a super cool gym, that's awesome! But if you're using extra square footage in your bedroom/living room that's totally ok too. Really, as long as you have enough room to spread out and move around a little, you're good to go. A park, outdoor field, even a hotel room if you're travelling will also work.


Bring in the Essential Equipment
You don't need a whole lot of equipment at home to werk on your fitness. Basics like a yoga mat, a couple of sets of dumbbells, resistance bands, fitness sliders/gliders (prob my current favourite and super simple peice of equipment!) a skipping rope and a foam roller can go a long way! When you're ready to invest in a few more things, maybe you could add a kettlebell, medicine ball, bosu ball or even a TRX system (which is a KILLER workout). You don't need alllll of the mentioned equipment, It really depends on the workout you plan on doing, but I feel like this is a great start.

Optional: Purchase a basic timer that will keep you accountable while you workout. Give yourself certain time constraints to push through and finish a specific workout; example: 45 second mountain climbers or give yourself 3 mins to complete a circuit of three exercises. Since you're the one in charge of your workout, it's sooo easy to just take breaks more often if you don't have time constraints or an instructor to push you. You could use your phone for this, but make sure it's in airplane mode so all distractions are gone! A timer just eliminates the temptation to scroll when you feel like you need a break. IF you don't wanna mess around with a timer and promise to keep your phone in airplane mode.. check out the free Tabata app, it's great for hiit and timed circuits. 

Apps and Videos and YouTube Channels, Oh My! 
Nowadays you do not have to sign up for fitness classes or even a gym membership if you have the power of the internet in your hands. There are so many free resources out there to take advantage of (lookin' at you YouTube fitness vloggers!). I recently discovered Sarah's Day YouTube channel and really loving her workouts and positive personality! 

Even if you have to pay for certain guides geared towards an at home workout, I think it's totally worth it and in reality, it's a fraction of the cost of a gym membership PLUS a digital download is yours for life. I LOVE the FBG guides by Anna Victoria, and the  BBG guides by Kayla Itsines  (both #girlboss woman have apps available as well). I was also a fan of big Beach Body dvd programs back in the day (Chalean Extreme, Insanity, etc - old school much? LOL). Check out some of those resources and commit to a channel or program that will help you kill it in your new home gym!!

Organize the Space
Clutter in any room can be distracting, and this also applies to your workout space. Keeping the area organized will help you make the most of your available space when you’re working out. Look for clever storage solutions, like an ottoman that you can load bulkier items into, or open shelves to help keep the floor space clear.

Make it Motivational!
The number one thing that motivates me (besides the feeling I get after a workout) is MUSIC. Music is so, so powerful! It's basically my own version of a pre-workout drink. Create a playlist that you know will get you in a great, upbeat, energetic mood and get ready to smash out your next workout! For me, it's EDM during cardio and lately I've been liking hip-hop for strength training. I'd recommend loud music, either via wireless headphones or a docking station type speaker! #turndownforwhat :)

I hope some of these suggestions/reccos have been helpful for you! Let's get excited about workout out in the comfort of your own home :D

If you have any other recommendations about workout equipment you love, guides or free resources, etc feel free to leave a comment below! xx