Spicy Veggie Pad Thai

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Context is so powerful, juust like this spicy veggie pad thai that is tastyAF. 


These noods are more ramen-like but that’s because I discovered... 🥁 🥁 Konjac Noodles by NuPasta. There are only 30 calories in the whole package (full package used up here, so roughly 15 cals each! And these portions are pretty big. There’s really 3 portions in a package). ZERO fat, sugar and carbs.. like what?! What's the catch here? 

I will say that I’ve tried the spaghetti konjac noodles by NuPasta and was NOT a fan of them at all. I found them to be very slimy and there was a really strong, unpleasing odour coming from them. Yum, right? LOL, can't say I was a fan. However, I noticed that there are other products from NuPasta, including these ramen noodles and konjac rice so I decided to give it another try. Verdict: they're just ok. I don't love them, I don't hate them. But I just had to test them out because of the nutritional label. Some people seem to love them, so maybe you will too. The texture is much better than the spagettii (I legit get sick thinking about it) but there is still something a little off. I don't think I'll buy again. 

Just my honest opinion - so you can decide weather you wanna test out the NuPasta products OR just stick to normal pad thai noodles. If you're gonna play it safe and go for the latter, just cook according to package directions but the rest of recipe stays the same!